“There is nothing so American as our national parks…. The fundamental idea behind the parks…is that
the country belongs to the people,that it is in process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all
of us.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Because we couldn’t get tickets to go into Glacier National Park, we got up early (sleepy time) to enter before the park opened. Thankfully, the kind people at Whispering Pines RV Resort told us you could enter before six and after five without a ticket. With coffee in hand (lots of coffee), we headed out to see the Glacier’s natural beauty. If you are in the area, don’t miss seeing this gorgeous site. My pictures and videos do not do justice to this beautiful landscape.

Here are some interesting facts about Going-To-The-Sun-Road

Some pictures look hazy; the air quality was not good because of the fires. We left Montana early because of the air and headed to Washington.


  1. Holy Smokes (no pun intended) – that looks unbelievable. WOW – Why were there no tickets available?


  2. Karen, these pictures are beautiful. I don’t know if you can go into Canada yet, but Steve and I visited Banff and Jasper which are straight north of Glacier. Absolutely stunning mountains in that area, never mind the glaciers and lakes. Glad you got to get into this park. Happy travels!


    1. Thank you, Millie. We are not allowed into Canada right now, they have the border closed. We would like to do a trip into Canada at some point. We are so close to Canada right now, Bellingham Washington. I was hoping the border would open while we are here, but it doesn’t look like it will.


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