It’s time to play some catch-up with the journaling and pictures. We put the RV in storage for two weeks and traveled by plane to Ohio for a week to visit family and then to the Bahamas (first time) for a vacation with our two oldest grandsons. The trip was a gift to them for graduation—a trip we postponed because of Covid. Initially, we had a trip to Hawaii, but the postponement was so long, all the arrangements we made were no longer available.

Our grandson, Wyatt, graduated during the upswing of Covid; he was one of those seniors that had to cancel all his sports and graduation. Logan graduates this coming school year. Because of the delay in Wyatt’s gift, we combined the two. They are close in age, one eighteen, the other seventeen, and they like each other!

I feel our time with them is limited; college, girls, marriage, and babies will soon consume their lives. I’m glad we had the opportunity to share such a vacation with them. We swam with dolphins, spent a whole day at Atlantist (the water slides were for them, not for us), and enjoyed the beautiful healing waters of the Bahamas. To top off the vacation, we did a spa day. (Our favorite, and the boys too.)

Mike and I taught them how to play Bid Whist, Logan and I won both sets. Wyatt is competitive and didn’t like losing one bit. We ate some excellent food (too much), and I was amazed once again at how much food two growing boys can put away.

A heads up to anyone traveling by plane, the planes are full, the airports crowded. With most airlines working shorthanded, make sure you get there in plenty of time. We got to the airport two and half hours early to fly out of the Bahamas and almost missed out flight.

We love our grandsons, and this trip was special to us; I hope they will never forget it. Tucker, you’re next, buddy! Good thing we have time to save up!


6 thoughts on “TIME TO PLAY CATCH UP

  1. That is so awesome Karen! I can’t believe the boys are men now, so crazy! I keep thinking how much my grandkids will change in just 5 more years, I’m cherishing every second of their little lives now. Looks like you all had a great time. Where are you two from to next?


    1. I can’t believe the boys are the age they are now. We have a lot of great memories with all three of them. Right now, we are in Washington, near the Canadian border.


      1. I have a blog to do about the Cascade Mountains in Montana, and some other things. In Washington we did a little exploring last weekend, I’ll be blogging about that soon. I wish we could go into Canada, but they won’t let us in. 🙂


  2. Fabulous trip for you all. We have done that with our grandkids. Best memories ever. Now back to real life. lol.


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