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Deciding to live full-time in an RV is not for the faint at heart. In one month, we sold our house and everything in it. Watching our belongings go out the door one by one was emotional. What my husband thought was junk was a treasure to me.

I believe it’s typical of a man to feel that way; women get attached to stuff. We connect things to events in life. I rocked our babies in that chair; my daughter made that picture for me when she was two; my sister gave me that; I’ve had those Christmas ornaments since the girls were little. And on and on it goes; all those treasures bring back memories from the past.

We sold the house in two days which meant we had to sell our belongings fast. Thank God for Facebook Marketplace! Everything went for a quarter what we paid for it, but that’s how it goes when you need to get out of a house quickly and move whatever’s left into a thirty-eight-foot RV.

I let go, cried, and said to myself, it’s a new chapter in our lives, and sometimes letting go is necessary to move forward. The month was physically and emotionally draining. People said, “That’s exciting; you’re going to have so much fun.” Is it? Will I? Selling the house, most of what we owned, moving out, and moving into an RV all in one month made me skeptical or just tired.

But hey, it’s a love journey, or not? We’ll see.


After spending four months in Apache Junction at Campground USA in Arizona, we are traveling again. Mike and I settled in Arizona for the winter, thinking it would be a rest time, but it was the opposite. We used the four months to get caught up with doctors, dentists, and surgeons. We were busier thanContinue reading “ON THE ROAD AGAIN”

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