My favorite one-night stay so far is Seed Cupboard Nursery in Royal City, Washington. A Harvest Host selection (usually done by my daughters) was a perfect pick. The pictures will support how great this place was.

The host and owner, Lisa Villegas, and her husband, John, are the sweetest people. They asked us what they could do to make their already spectacular site better. They take pride in what they do and make others feel welcome. We felt at home, cozy and comfortable; what more does one need?

If you can’t support them by purchasing a plant, The Red Barn is full of treasures. Ask Mike; I bought some things to put in our RV. I couldn’t leave the sign behind that says, “Which Of My Thirty-Five PASSWORDS did I use Again?” Lisa is happy to support local businesses and has a variety of products to buy.

I would love to go back to Seed Cupboard Nursery and stay two nights!

You can follow them on Facebook, and read an article done by the Columbia Basin Herald.

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