We spent two weeks at Cattail Cove State Park and loved it. The park is on the lake; the spots are spacious and shaded. The bathrooms are clean, and the RV park cared for every day. It’s a short walk to the beach, and it has a boat launch for those who need it. A small gift shop and store are on-site; you can get ice, wood, and goodies.

Cattail had a nice dog park which included a place for the dogs to swim. Boscoe had a blast, Stanley is not a big fan of water, but he did get his legs wet. The spot is peaceful and meticulously kept; we would go back again.

Lake Havasu State Park is much larger and not so quiet. Even though the view is pretty with the lake just beyond our campsite, we enjoyed Cattail more. There are events on weekends which make it noisy and crowded. Boat noise can be constant on those days.

We did enjoy taking a day and going across the London Bridge (actually came from London), walking around the shops, and having lunch. It can be a destination spot for spring break, so be aware of those times.

Mike’s ex-boss, Kevin, and his wife Cindy came and spent two nights with us. We had steaks on the grill (excellent job Kevin), homemade potato salad, a regular salad, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. All in all, we enjoyed the time spent at both places.

Our next stop was Needles, California. One of our favorite places because of Don and Jane, our dear friends from Arizona. They used to be our neighbors when we lived in Chandler. Because of them and their son and family, we got to stay just a walk away from the Colorado River. The river has Arizona on one side and Colorado on the other. Within minutes you could be in Arizona, then California, and Nevada. It was a fantastic two weeks with friends. We enjoyed Nicole’s birthday dinner with them at Meonis Italian Kitchen in Bullhead City. I highly recommend it if you’re in the area; the food was excellent. We love you guys to the moon and back and felt safe with security officer Don, or should I say, Mayor of the property, Pepple Beach.


A funny story; Mike, Joscelyn, and I went to the store; I came out and went to the truck. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. After pulling on the handle a few times, I looked up when it wouldn’t open. It wasn’t Mike in the truck; it wasn’t our truck. The guy opened his window and was laughing. I repeatedly apologized, and he said, “That’s okay; I’ve seen that look on my fiance’s face when I didn’t unlock the door.” A few cars over, Mike and Joscelyn were laughing hysterically. That’s a typical day in Karen’s life!


  1. Karen, Mike and your precious daughters and son-in-law brought sunshine back to these old folks life! Loved the sourdough home made you made for us darlin y’all have takin to the Rv life like ducks to water and we should know after 49 years of it LOL! Your dogs stole our hearts just like their parents my only regret is that you couldn’t have stayed longer! My prayers are for your family now we love you fireverm


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