After spending four months in Apache Junction at Campground USA in Arizona, we are traveling again. Mike and I settled in Arizona for the winter, thinking it would be a rest time, but it was the opposite. We used the four months to get caught up with doctors, dentists, and surgeons. We were busier than we’ve ever been traveling. All were necessary to squeeze in before moving on.

We attended a retirement party, Mike’s! His company gave him a nice sendoff, and those who worked with Mike said many lovely things about him. The customers he had were genuinely sad to see him go. They had known him for years, and genuine relationships formed with those customers.

Mike had a hip replaced, which went well, and his recovery is remarkable. He’ll be able to play golf and hike soon. Stanley, our puppy, had surgery too, neutered. Mike was happy that’s not the surgery he needed!

If you own an RV, you know scheduling for maintenance is a priority. The RV life has had excessive growth, and it’s not easy to get work done on them. We scheduled an appointment with RV Country in Mesa six months before returning. Our list kept growing as we traveled, keeping them up to date. With shipping the way it is, getting parts for repairs is difficult. I have to give RV Country a massive shout-out for their efficient company. From the sales department to maintenance, we are thankful that the same people seem to stay and work hard to make the company successful. Unlike our previous experience with La Mesa RV, they know what they are doing! One good thing about dropping the RV off for work was staying in a hotel. I took some long showers and flushed a toilet that didn’t need dumping. What a luxury!

Stay tuned; the following blog will be on Cattail Cove State Park and Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona.

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