If you are going through Lava HotSprings, Idaho, you must stop at this hot spring! A perfect recommendation by the Tecca’s, a couple we met in Columbia Falls, Montana. They were spot on about how wonderful it was; the landscaping was gorgeous (kudos to the landscaper), the water clean, and the heat was therapy for Mike and me. The water is 102 to 112 degrees; I liked the 112 degrees the best.

Every night in the summer months, the pools are drained and refilled with fresh hot spring waters. In the winter, they have to work around the temperatures to drain them. The temperatures can’t be at freezing, so they do not drain them every night. I was impressed with the whole facility.

Thank you, Tecca’s for the recommendation. By the way, “The Tecca’s” are a father and daughter country duet team; look up their schedule and check them out if they are in your area. They are talented, are up for awards in Tennesee, and are some of the most humble and kind people I’ve met.



  1. Lava Hot Springs looks fantastic!! I will add to “places I want to go!!!” Glad you were able to enjoy it! – Janice


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