We spent two days at Yellowstone, and it was not enough. I met an elderly gentleman that told me he’s come to Yellowstone for forty-nine years. He said, “I took a class about Yellowstone, and the teacher asked me why I kept coming back. I told him I wanted to see everything in Yellowstone before I died.” The teacher told him, “That’s never going to happen.” So, I guess the two days we spent there didn’t make a dent in all that Yellowstone has to offer.

I have so many pictures, and picking out the best to post is difficult. The wildlife, caldrons, waterfalls, hot springs, and mud pots are beautiful and not easily captured in a still photo. Since I’m not a professional photographer, the pictures will not reveal the beauty we saw.

Even though there are signs everywhere to stay on the paths where the caldrons are, sometimes you’d see a footprint. A gentleman that worked at Yellowstone, named Harland, told me a gruesome story of someone that thought checking out the temperature of the water was a good idea; it was not.

The Sulphur Caldron is one of the most acidic hot springs in Yellowstone. It’s like battery acid and smells awful. Some steam vents can register at two hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Approximately a thousand feet down, the Norris Geyser Basin records a temperature of four hundred and fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. And, that’s why they say, stay on the paths!

Watch out for wildlife, things like buffalo crossing the road. We got stuck in traffic for some time trying to leave the park one night. He looked at us with an attitude, “You’re in my home, be patient; I’m crossing this road and taking my time.”

Stay away from danger, and enjoy the beauty of Yellowstone.


4 thoughts on “YELLOWSTONE

  1. We got to see Yellowstone last year—awesome! I loved the colors of the canyon. That canyon was an unexpected part of the park and so beautiful. We just got home from Acadia. You guys will have to get there at some point. Thanks for sharing, Karen.


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