A day trip to Mt. Baker Ski Area took us on a beautiful ride. In the winter, Mt. Baker’s snowfall can be the most in the world. The 1998-99 season was a world record at one thousand one hundred and forty feet.

The smell of pine, moisture in the air, and babbling streams proved to be such a treat for this Arizona girl. Originally from New England, Mike and I miss these things, and it’s why we take trips to the mountains when home in the valley. We don’t miss the snow, well, maybe a little at Christmas and the occasional urge to ski again. Me, not Mike; I never did get him on the slopes.

We had lunch in the lodge at Heather Meadows Cafe; you can’t beat the views. It was a chilly day, so their delicious soup was just what we needed. Blueberry crumble came out of the oven, but counting calories prevented me from getting one. Before we left, I ordered a hot chocolate for the road and enjoyed every sip.

On the way home, we stopped at a picnic area which brought us to the river. Boscoe had a fun time swimming and didn’t mind how cold it was. We had a chocolate lab that hated the water, not Boscoe; he loves it and would stay in it all day if you let him.

The drive, the mountain, lunch, and then stop by the river made an enjoyable day.

3 thoughts on “~MT. BAKER~

  1. What a great adventure and it is really nice to see country up close and personal. Have fun. Safe travels.


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