Yesterday was a cloudy, rain off and on kind of day, one we enjoyed because, in the valley in Arizona, you rarely get those days. It was a baking day; I made Potato Salad, wheat English Muffin bread, and Coffee Cake.

Today, we did a morning hike before Mike got busy with meetings. We drove to Whitefish, MT, and hiked Mountain Lion Trail. It’s an easy hike with a nice view and not heavily traveled. After seeing a bear on the last hike, we prepared ourselves in case we encountered another. It sprinkled a little bit, but again, we didn’t mind; it felt good to feel the moisture in the air.

We saw an RV on the road to the campsite stuck in a ditch. That is not where you want to be. The gentleman driving pulled to the right to avoid rough spots in the road and didn’t realize a trench there. The grass was long, and in his defense, you couldn’t visually see it. We felt terrible for them; what a predicament. His wife was on the phone calling for a tow. We stopped and asked if we could do anything, and he told us what happened. We offered refuge in our RV if they needed it while waiting for the situation to get rectified.


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