A great restaurant is The Midway Mercantile in Midway, UT., established in 2017. Kudos to Chef and co-owner John Platt, co-owners, wife, Sandra, and Paul Pablo Butler. A job well done, from the food to the service to the decor.

The food was excellent, so good we went back a second time. The outside patio is dog-friendly, so Joscelyn’s chocolate lab, Boscoe, came with us both times. (He enjoyed a few bites under the table.)


We had Coconut Bathed Fresh Mussels and Clams, Beet Muhammara Dip, Hearth Roasted Bacon Wrapped in Dates as appetizers, all delicious. For the main meal, Olsen Lamb Shepherd’s Pie (a favorite), Fresh Handmade Pasta, Panko-Crusted Fresh Alaskan Halibut, and Lavender Orange Chicken, all worthy of mention. We were too full for dessert, but I’m sure they too would be excellent.



Gary, a friend of ours from high school, suggested we go to Freshie’s in Park City for lobster rolls. Lobster rolls in Utah? That piqued my interest. Lorin Smaha, grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Bingo! She serves fresh Maine lobster and has been in Park City since 2009. Whenever I travel, I’m all for getting a little taste of home. Mike and I got lobster rolls, and they were delicious. The lobster was sweet and not drowned with mayo or other spices. I highly recommend if you’re in Park City, stop by for lobstah, as we New Englanders say.



Let’s talk about homemade donuts! Judy’s Donuts and Coffee is also in Midway, UT. Each morning, homemade donuts creatively made from scratch will make you smile. The coffee is from Cafe Ibis and will excite the taste buds of any coffee drinker. Their Maple Bar was a 2020 Utah Taste Off Winner. I can see why, or should I say, I can taste why. Try the Bizmark Donuts and the Raspberry Dream, another Utah Taste Off Winner. I should have taken some pictures, but we dove right in before I could. Make sure you stop by Judy’s Donuts and Coffee if you’re in Midway.

4 thoughts on “TALKING FOOD

  1. Even though I just had a homemade turtle brownie with coffee ice cream, I wouldn’t mind some of that lobstah!! Love your journey!!💗


  2. Lobstah-LOL🤣😂🤣 I miss that accent😉 After reading your post I had to look up Lobster Rolls here in Albuquerque and found a few places, Phil and I are going tomorrow, I miss those. Red Lobster had them for awhile, they were pretty good and a great price, they don’t offer them anymore. I used to love the crab rolls at that pizza place I worked at in Laconia before I started working at the bank. I think it was Papa Gino’s. I got them every time I went to work during a break🦀
    Those maple bars look amazing, that’s my 2nd favorite donut, dang I missed out by 1 week☹️ I’m such a foodie, I love trying new things and places. Looks like you hit the jackpot on some great grub🙌🏼


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