Heber, Utah

Since Memorial Day, we’ve stayed in three different RV parks; Lakeside RV, KOA, and Mountain Valley. We are getting proficient in setting up and taking down to travel. Mike takes care of the outside while I do the inside.

Tip: I use large baskets that hold blankets or shoes while we are set up and reuse them to store things that need to come off the counters while we travel. It’s quick and keeps items such as the coffee maker, toaster, mixer, etc., safe and more accessible than finding room in a cupboard.

I find myself organizing and reorganizing. But, like any house, things placed initially don’t always work and need to find a new home. Mike laughs; he knows me well and says, “You’ll change that again.” I tell him, “No, I won’t.” And, I do, three times.

Mike’s busy with work during the week, so our exploring is limited. Once he retires, that’ll be better, and we both look forward to that.

We’ve made a few trips to the store, realizing something we sold we could now use. But we figured that would happen.

Right now, we’re at Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber, UT. It’s genuinely a resort park, with a section for adults only. Sweet for us since all of our children are grown up. It has a swimming pool, hot tub, clubhouse, showers, and outdoor fire pit. The views are beautiful, and I wish we could check the area out more.

I’m posting the campgrounds we stay at for personal reference, using the asterisk symbol to rate them—for example, three is excellent, two good, and one okay. If there isn’t an asterisk, it means we would not return to that campground.

Friday, we leave for Idaho.

**Lakeside RV Campground
4000 W Center St, Provo, UT

*Springville/Provo KOA
1550 N 1750 W, Springville, UT

***Mountain Valley RV Resort
2120 US-40, Heber, UT

6 thoughts on “SETTLING IN

  1. Sounds great so far-and I’m sure it’ll be so much better when Mike retires. Do you disconnect the truck when you get to the RV park, so when Mikes working you can explore on your own? What’s been your favorite thing in Utah?? We just got back from Lehi Utah very late Saturday night, we loved it there! I think I told you that my granddaughter had her basketball tournament and Phil is the coach of her team, that’s why we were there. We got a chance to go see the 2nd playoff game with the Utah Jazz vs LA Clippers, it was so good. We also went a few times to Bridal Veil Falls, the one you recommended-it was beautiful and right off the highway. I had thought of calling you to maybe meet up but I knew we were booked and had another family with us that we were taking to the games and doing stuff with so there really wasn’t any time. Well glad to see you’re adjusting well, anything so far that you didn’t expect from traveling in an RV?? Well keep your blogs coming I enjoy reading them 🙂
    Rosalie <


    1. Hey, Rosalie. We do disconnect, so the truck is available. I feel like we’ve been busy settling in that I haven’t had much time to explore on my own. But that part is getting better, so I could do that!

      It’s hot right now, close to a hundred degrees every day. We thought the temperatures would be lower. It’s usually in the eighties this time of year. If we do anything, it needs to be early morning.

      I wish we could have met up, but I understand. It’s hard when time is an issue. But I’m glad you got to the Bridal Veil Falls and went to the game!

      I like staying an extended time in one place. This Friday, we head to Idaho, and we’ll stop twice for one night until we get to our next destination. We don’t like traveling longer than three to three and a half hours a day.

      Thanks for reading the blogs!


  2. Hey old friends! How would you like to escape the heat to the cool shade of my deck at my house in Park City tomorrow evening?
    Except for me, my house is empty as we sold it and have moved to Montana. I have stayed behind to finish work by June 30 and would love to see you two!
    I’d need you to bring a camp chair or two, maybe a cool bottle of wine, and I’ll provide lobster rolls to celebrate our NH heritage.
    I am busy on Wednesday night and fly to Missoula on Thursday afternoon for the weekend but if tomorrow will work for you I’d love it. Please let me know. 8012303723


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