Provo, Heber, Park City, Utah

It was a beautiful weekend; Mike and I spent time in Provo, Heber, and Park City, Utah. There are beautiful lakes and waterfalls to explore. Provo has Bridal Veil Falls, which are gorgeous. You can hike a trail up to the falls, which we haven’t done yet, but I want to.



The lakes enjoyed by boaters, kayakers, kite-surfers, children were splashing about, and those who wanted to relax gives us hope that things are trying to get back to normal after Covid. It’s exciting to see people out running and biking. This past weekend there was a marathon; no, I didn’t run in it.


We had lunch in Park City at the Silver Star Cafe. The food was good, the service was excellent, but parking was a nightmare. For that reason, we wouldn’t go back. However, if you have a small compact car, you might
squeeze in somewhere.


The best part of the weekend was spending some time with family, and of course, Boscoe!

The temperatures were close to a hundred degrees, our Yeti did it ‘s job keeping everything cold.


2 thoughts on “A HOPEFUL WEEKEND

  1. How fun! How long are you going to be in Utah? What family do you have there? We’re going up to Lehi UT for a basketball tournament, if we have a minute to spare what’s a fun place to go? I love waterfalls, did you go to any? I know you mentioned about one.💦


    1. Lehi UT is approximately eighteen minutes from the Bridal Veil Falls and trail. There are lots of lakes and picnic areas to enjoy. The river is nearby, and you can rent tubes and go tubing.

      Joscelyn has an RV and works out of it; we are following each other. Mike works out of our RV until the end of December. He’ll be retired!

      We are here for a couple of weeks, then off to Idaho. I haven’t stopped at the waterfall yet; I want to. I took a picture of it as we drove by, but it didn’t come out good enough to post.


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