After driving five hours, we stopped to dry camp for the night. We stayed at Lone Rock Campground, Lake Powell, Utah. The campground is close to the border of Arizona.

We set up camp, and all was well until we went to use our generator. It wasn’t a severe problem, and eventually, it worked fine. I thought about Jim and Claudia, a couple we met in Arizona. They sold everything and have lived in an RV for seven years. They said, “We love it!”

I wished we could have spent some time with them; I’m sure they had gems of wisdom to bestow on us. Jim said, “There will be problems to solve along the way with your RV. It’s like any house; it needs maintenance.” Mike and I commented on how calm they seemed about everything. They had peace about their decision.

Sitting outside, we took in the view. Mike said, “It’s peaceful here.” Shortly after, we heard sirens and saw cruisers fly by, an ambulance, and later a rescue helicopter was hovering near the lake below us. I said a prayer, hoping everyone would be okay.

Isn’t that how life is? One minute it’s peaceful, and the next, it’s chaos. I need to remember to wrap my arms around those quiet times.


  1. Wow-did you ever find out what was going on with the chaos? Anyway, I would love to do what you two are doing but take mini trips, but as long as Phil’s still coaching I’m lucky to get any vacation 😦 Look forward to reading your blog:)

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    1. Thanks, Rosalie. It will be an adventure for sure. We never found out what happened; I looked in the news the following day but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for following!


  2. So glad you decided to d this and take us al on your journey into the next chapter of your lives. You are both so brave to do this. Safe travels. If you get to California ( we are near Placerville. You can park here. we have a separate electrical hookup. ( my father in law always had a travel trailer. Your welcome anytime.


    1. Thank you, Carol, for the invitation. We may take you up on that offer if we’re in the area. We are beginning to plan 2022-23, and it will include parts of California; I’m not sure where yet. Planning is essential because campsites and Harvest Host sites fill up fast.


  3. We love your new blog! So glad to hear you got the generator problem figured out! Thanks for the mention 😊 You two are going to have the times of your lives! Life’s a journey!!


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